The CoLibrì system is practical and versatile, suitable for countless uses to solve small and large practical problems with just a few seconds wait for each object to be protected

  • At SCHOOL - to protect any type of text book, of any size, with a simple, low-cost and long-lasting method, using custom-size durable covers which can be easily removed as required
  • In the KITCHEN - to protect cookery and recipe books from grease and food stains
  • On the BEACH - to cover guide books, detective stories and novels to read on the beach or on-board a boat and protect them from sand, salt water and sun cream
  • In the OFFICE - to cover catalogues, binders, accounting records, price lists and technical manuals, as well as protecting important documents in the office from dust, fingerprints and yellowing
  • At HOME - to store and seal objects, letters, comics, photos or tickets, drawings, documents, certificates, prototypes, CDs and DVDS in bags and protect them from knocks, scratches, light and dust.