CoLibrì shares with you and thousands of libraries all around the world, like the New York Public Library, a deep-rooted passion for books and their intrinsic, ethical and cultural value

Every library, the place where books are stored to be consulted by the community, represents the quintessential “temple” of published works. It is in this context that CoLibrì System showcases not only its functional but also moral and cultural worth

CoLibrì demonstrates its love for books through a genuine CAMPAIGN FOR THE PREVENTIVE PRESERVATION OF BOOKS: an initiative that aims to raise awareness in readers about the need to protect, respect and love books.

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Central Institute for the restoration and preservation of the book and archive heritage, has decided to support and team up with CoLibrì System to promote this exceptional initiative

Any library administrators who would like to take part in this campaign to raise awareness and use the CoLibrì system to protect their library books can get in touch with CoLibrì System. They are eligible to receive the covering machine on a free loan basis, along with free posters and communication material to display in their library.

Taking part in the Preventive Preservation Campaign represents a concrete step towards protecting culture, transmitting value and teaching love for books.

Instilling a love for books boosts our cultural heritage and the library that showcases this commitment.