The e-Leonardo and e-DaVinci machines sense, check, adjust, lower, weld, trim and rise again

Digitally controlled sensors offer perfect results every time. The temperature, times and pressure are checked before the perfect seal and cut are made to protect books of all sizes.

They both have a digital display which lets you know what to do at all times and what operation the machine is performing, storing the number of covers created and signalling any maintenance operations that may be required.

SAFE BECAUSE THEY’RE CERTIFIED - CoLibrì machines are certified internationally as safe devices which comply with the most stringent standards.

SAFEGUARDING PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT – CoLibrì machines are manufactured with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and processes. The components are fully recyclable to safeguard the health of users and care for the environment.

QUICK AND EASY TO USE - Only CoLibrì machines allow you to custom cover any type of book in just twenty seconds. All it takes is a few steps with no strenuous effort or prior experience required.

ERGONOMIC AND EFFICIENT - CoLibrì machines are so easy to handle because they combine efficiency with high performance. It costs very little to cover a book with CoLibrì and allows you to protect it in the long run.

Macchine CoLibrì