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Schools and Universities

Scuole e Università

The perfect places in which to enhance the book and cultural heritage of our society are – alongside libraries – schools and universities.

Teachers, principals and other academic staff in general have a role of particular importance and responsibility in promoting a culture focused on enhancing the value of books.

The CoLibrì covering system is one of the tools that allows for the effective implementation of a teaching philosophy based on high ethical principles as well as practical needs.

The book archives and libraries of schools, universities and research institutes are places in which the protection and preventive conservation of books plays – and must increasingly and more effectively play – a leading role, in view of their educational and economic implications.

Teaching pupils – especially in primary schools – to love and protect their books and to treat them with respect is something that makes us better citizens and better human beings, and is a value destined to bear fruit to an even greater extent over the years to come.