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For all booksellers seeking to offer their customers an innovative service that enhances their image and is above all very useful, CoLibrì System is the ideal solution.

The convenience of being able to have the books they are about to buy covered right there in the bookshop is something any reading fan is sure to appreciate.

All the sales assistant has to do is devote a few extra seconds to the customer purchasing a book to provide it with a perfect CoLibrì Cover.

Better service means improved customer satisfaction.

In particular periods of the year, the CoLibrì System cover service can be offered for free in order to improve customer retention for bookshops.

There are a host of opportunities and ways to give the CoLibrì touch to books on sale in the shop: from the classic transparent cover for customers buying books for themselves to the equally classic semi-transparent coloured options for the more reserved reader, or for those who like to use the same colour cover for the same genre of books (yellow for detective stories, blue for novels, etc.).