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Foundation of Lint S.r.l., which began producing and selling CoLibrì Cover System, an innovative, exclusive system - patented worldwide - using the Desk Top II covering machine to simply and rapidly apply a special plastic protective cover to books of all kinds and sizes


After operating mainly in Italy for its first two years in business, Lint S.r.l. began distributing CoLibrì Cover System on international markets, as well as undertaking studies and research for creating even more technologically advanced models for both the machines and covers.


Presentation of a new covering machine, the Pocket model, which, together with the quality improvements made regarding the production of the covers, represented a significant step forward from the previous machine in terms of both precision trimming and the performance of the covers.


Lint S.r.l. became CoLibrì System S.p.A., and the new company structure gave a boost to the business's growth and development. The company began investing in advertising on national TV in order to promote the CoLibrì trademark by introducing the system to end users. The CoLibrì service was advertised on the 3 Mediaset TV networks, thus laying the foundations for an extraordinarily rapid growth in brand awareness.


CoLibrì System S.p.A. began implementing a plan for expansion on foreign markets, thus strengthening relations with distributors and creating direct sales offices in a number of strategic countries. The end of December saw the opening of the CoLibrì branch in the USA. A new version was presented of the Pocket covering machine, equipped with an updated system of electronics and an LCD display, and the company began producing covers using a new material that made them even more durable and scratch-resistant. Advertising of CoLibrì System on TV continued to a greater extent than ever.


The first half of the year saw the opening of CoLibrì System branches in Germany and France. Meanwhile, in Italy, advertising and marketing intensified further, with increased investment in CoLibrì System's presence on television for the third consecutive year. An important, prestigious camapaign was also undertaken to safeguard and enhance the heritage of libraries, with the approval and support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – Institute of Book Pathology.


CoLibrì CoLibrì System launched a new model of book covering machine: Leonardo. With its superb design, epitomising the essence of Italian-crafted style, Leonardo is a step ahead of its CoLibrì System predecessors in terms of technical and technological characteristics. In addition, expansion on international markets continued, with the opening of two new CoLibrì System branches: one in Spain and one in Great Britain.


CoLibrì System continued to expand on international markets, constantly increasing its market share in every country it is present in. Increasing investments were made in marketing and advertising at national level.


The CoLibrì System product-service gradually became increasingly well-known both in Italy and abroad. CoLibrì System, characterised from its origins by a close eye on innovation and a desire to improve the performance of its products and services, began studying new products for booksellers, publishers and schools.

2010 -

The success of CoLibrì System grew, going from strength to strength thanks to the strong focus on the products and the service. The company's undisputed market leadership was constantly strengthened and enhanced through a carefully calculated blend of innovation and tradition.


Launch of the new e-Leonardo machine. Innovative. Simple. Unique.