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e-DaVinci automatic machine

How to use CoLibrì System with e-DaVinci for XL sizes

e-DaVinci is the machine from the measures XL. The measurement of the shear span is, in fact, 65cm, facilitating copertinature large format. As for the e- Leonardo its functions are controlled digitally, it offers perfect results every time, controlling temperature, timing and pressure to guarantee 100% accurate welding and trimming. The animated display shows you what to do and what you're doing at all times, keeps a tally of the covers applied and uses codes to indicate any operations to be carried out.

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Choose the CoLibrì cover closest to the size required and insert one side of the book cover into it.


Position the CoLibrìcover in the slot and press START: e-DaVinci will activate the sensors, then come down and automatically weld and trim.


Now insert the other side of the book cover into the CoLibrì cover, place it in position and press START again. That's it!