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CopriQuaderni CoLibrì

Finally, notebook covers are now appealing, sturdy and non-toxic!
CoLibrì reinvents notebook covers, transparent and tinted, soft and pleasant to the touch, but also robust and durable, fully smooth and seamless to prevent unwanted scrapes.
But above all CoLibrì notebook covers are made of NON-TOXIC polyethylene 100% instead of PVC.
CoLibrì notebook covers are available in a 42 x 30 cm format (for A4 format notebooks)Transparent colours available:
Neutral - Red - Blue - Yellow - Green - Orange - Pink - Purple
Opaque colours available:
Red - Blue - Yellow - Light green - Dark green - Blue - Pink - White - Orange - Pink - Purple - Brown - Black

- Totalmente riciclabili, con Certificazione di Qualità Europea.
- Fasciano il quaderno alla perfezione.
- Due tasche protettive interne di 15 cm coprono i quaderni all'80%!
- 100% made in Italy!