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What kind of books can be covered using the CoLibrì system?

CoLibrì System can be used to cover books of all types and sizes, both hardbacks and paperbacks. The special CoLibrì covers come in different shapes and sizes, studied so as to reflect the most common book formats.

How long do CoLibrì covers last?

CoLibrì covers are very hard wearing. On books used frequently, they last 3 – 5 years on average; for books used less frequently they can last up to 10 years or longer.

Can I buy CoLibrì covers and use them to cover my books myself at home?

CoLibrì System was designed to offer a much quicker, simpler and less expensive means of covering books than traditional DIY solutions; the specific CoLibrì machine is required to apply the covers.

Not just for books...

e-Leonardo is extremely useful for meeting all sorts of needs for protection and storage. It is perfect for protecting and storing prints, drawings, certificates, prototypes, CDs and DVDs.