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About Colibrì System


CoLibrì System: the instant service for covering your books.

CoLibrì System is the exclusive instant covering system patented by CoLibrì System S.p.A. of Milan to protect books.

CoLibrìSystem is composed of a special machine and CoLibrìcovers.

Take your books to any top bookseller or stationer and have them covered using CoLibrì System in just 20 seconds per volume.

CoLibrì System is a totally innovative system that allows you to cover books of any size or shape, instantly and virtually perfectly. Eac CoLibrìcover is custom-fit, non-toxic, durable and easily removable.

CoLibrìcovers, available invarious colours in addition to the colourless, transparent version,are the ideal solution for any student, teacher or self-employed professional looking for a high quality, inexpensive service provided by booksellers and stationers to protect their reading material, be it textbooks, dictionaries, notes, collector's items, novels, press folders, technical handbooks or recipes.