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At the start of the new school year in particular, there is a huge rise in demand for CoLibrìCovers from parents of primary and middle school pupils and from high school and university students.

In the past, school books used to be covered at home; the considerable amount of time, money and effort these

"DIY" solutions once required can now be saved thanks to CoLibrì System, which allows for books to be covered not only accurately and professionally, but above all swiftly, effortlessly and for a minimum outlay.

Top stationers and booksellers offer their customers the CoLibrìinstant covering system, and are well aware of how much the service is appreciated.

These stationers enjoy a large number of important advantages:

- Increase in customer numbers through existing customers "spreading the word"
- Additional sales of other products; customer who know they will find CoLibrì System in a particular sales point are likely to decide to purchase the text books they need there
- Customer retention, ensured by the service, the quality of the product and the time saved
- Improvement in image thanks to the high level of service offered.