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Colibrì System applications


CoLibrì System is an accurate, instant, inexpensive way to provide books with a custom-fit cover.

The functional, versatile CoLibrì System can be used in countless ways...

... all of them ideal for solving a host of practical problems, both large and small!

Below are just a few:

- Covering cookbooks and recipes to protect them from grease and food stains

- Covering tourist guidebooks, detective stories and novels so you can read them on the beach or at sea, ensuring they are protected from sand, salt water and sunscreen

- Covering catalogues, binders, accounting registers, price lists and technical handbooks to keep important office documents protected from dust, fingerprints and yellowing

- Packing and sealing promotional articles, diaries, desktop accessories and all other kinds of objects inside attractive gift packs that can be made up in an instant.